Leona Lewis – Bleeding Love

First Hit #1: April 5, 2008

Just because the American Idol hits have dried up doesn’t mean we’re going to escape the influence of Simon Cowell. On the other hand, keeping it a step removed from his various singing competitions does at least keep you from getting the crap foisted upon the populace with the artist’s first single. Leona Lewis, an X-Factor alumni in Great Britain, is certainly much better served with Bleeding Love than she would have been with her X-Factor single – a cover of A Moment Like This – and she’s introduced to a new market with a song that actually showcases her in a flattering way, rather than showcasing the TV show she was recently on. So we get a respectable pop song with a slightly annoying chorus that isn’t quite breaking new ground, but at least it’s somewhat enjoyable. The heartbeat-aping percussion is a particular highlight, and the build on it is a neat foundation to build a song on. Lewis herself isn’t quite a revelation, her debt to Whitney Houston is quite massive after all, but then again there was a reason Houston was big, and I certainly prefer a Houston-influence over the dregs of 2007. Bleeding Love is not the best song ever recorded, it’s likely not even the best song ever recorded by Leona Lewis, but it’s certainly welcome.

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One Response to Leona Lewis – Bleeding Love

  1. musicosity1 says:

    “Bleeding love” is an excellent metaphor in a torch song; I’m surprised no one has used it before. Her vocals are definitely aiming for Houston/Carey-land, but despite her clear talent, the interesting distorted percussion effect is the song’s MVP. Interesting that so many of these TV singing contest winners always first release a song about positivity and aspirations rather than a club grinder or something.

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