Mariah Carey – Touch My Body

First Hit #1: April 12, 2008

If there’s one person who doesn’t need vocal processing, it’s Mariah Carey. But, vocal processing is trendy, so there it is, all over the verses, stinking up the joint and kind of killing Touch My Body. It’s a shame, because it’s not like she’s suddenly become bad at singing – her delivery of the line “I will hunt you down” is actually kind of spooky – but instead she’s trying to leap onto trends and find out what these viral hits that everyone is talking about are. That explains the goofy video, that explains the way she coos the word YouTube, and unfortunately that also explains the main problem of the song – I can hear vocal processing, and while it’s not full-blown robot voice, it sounds bad. It’s a shame, Carey has really been one of the most reliable pop stars out there, even if I don’t necessarily like all her singles, and it’s always disappointing when someone latches on to a trend that doesn’t suit them.

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One Response to Mariah Carey – Touch My Body

  1. musicosity1 says:

    It’s the double-edged sword of modern celebrity. When a star like Carey shines so very brightly, she etches herself on the cultural memories of a particular year. But ten or fifteen years later, she’s still associated with that particular year and thus has trouble seeming current even when doing new work. The melody is better than most of what we’ve seen at #1 lately, and it would be nice to hear her sing it without the autotune, but I guess that’s just one of those things that will be “so late ’00s” when future generations listen to this era of music, or more likely, skip over it.

    The video stars Jack McBrayer from TV comedy “30 Rock,” playing essentially the same nervously enthusiastic character as on the show. Typecasting can have its benefits. Just to listen to the radio, the album is another “hot girl teases hot guy with her sexuality.” The video first subverts the song into one nerd fantasy (hot girl attracted to geek), and then at the very end into another (hot girl is an aloof techie).

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