Rihanna – Take a Bow

First Hit #1: May 24, 2008

Take a Bow is hardly something new. The best description of it is a line from the song itself, this looks like a re-run. Musically, it’s nothing new, and a lot of it rests on Rihanna’s charisma rather than anything particularly special in the writing or composition – it’s always odd when a song piques your interest when an artist stops singing, as Rihanna does on a couple occasions here. Hell, Madonna also had a song called Take a Bow, so even the title recalls an earlier release. It feels like a bit of a throwback to the ’90s to be honest, a ballad with a big name behind it that isn’t quite special, but is good enough to move units, get on the airwaves, and keep people talking about the star behind it and her new album.

But in the context of the time, it’s actually kind of refreshing, especially when you think of the fact that Lollipop was a recent hit.

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One Response to Rihanna – Take a Bow

  1. musicosity1 says:

    And…another I-V-vi-IV song. Rihanna gets her R&B balladry on, courtesy of Ne-Yo. I like the song well enough, but once again it was from the “Reloaded” re-release of her “Good Girl Gone Bad” album.

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