T.I. – Whatever You Like

First Hit #1: September 6, 2008

A celebration of material excess, T.I.’s Whatever You Like is really kind of what everyone complains about when they complain about rap. It’s still kind of fun in a sing-song way, but it’s quite cliche.

Let’s talk about producer Jim Jonsin instead. He first showed up on Lollipop, a terrible song with a great beat. Now he’s here on a song that’s pretty mediocre but has a great beat. He produced huge hits in 2008, and always was the best part of them, the sparkly synths here giving T.I.’s ode to dating his bank account seem at least superficially sweet. What Jonsin makes me wonder is what would happen if he produced something actually good. Not necessarily something that wasn’t a pop hit, just something that wasn’t either a low-ebb (Lil’ Wayne) or kind of boring (T.I.). He could do it, he could make a song that was amazing, and I hope to see his name pop up in the credits again, just to see if he gets to work with someone a bit more thrilling.

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One Response to T.I. – Whatever You Like

  1. musicosity1 says:

    Another example of rap’s celebration of capitalistic success and excess. Wonder if he’d ever do a duet with Rage Against the Machine. Also, yes, quite a singsongy melody, autotuned up. I confess to not hearing this song before Weird Al did his parody of it (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=otGO0a7OPtg) which I love, so the enjoyment I get from T.I.’s version is probably colored by that.

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