Pink – So What

First Hit #1: September 27, 2008

Pink’s tribute to post breakup acting out is surprisingly childish. Not lyrically, but musically, it’s based on a melody reminiscent of a taunting children’s song, and while Pink’s rough-hewn vocal and the electric guitar-driven arrangement aren’t necessarily associated with playground games, the actual melody definitely is. It gives an impression that the singer has regressed into a strange child-like state in the wake of her recent breakup, and in all honesty the video and lyrics kind of confirm that. It’s a kind of catharsis, an attempt to be angry and act out but in a way that’s profitable rather than actually damaging. She was never quite as deranged as the video depicts, but the video allows her to be deranged anyway. Whether or not she started any fights in reality, she was able to do it musically. It never hides exactly what it’s about, and it’s kind of Pink’s therapy via playground taunts. She got a hit out of it too, good for her.

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One Response to Pink – So What

  1. musicosity1 says:

    She’s definitely playing up her “snarky brat” persona, which is ironic for a couple of reasons in a song complaining about her marital troubles.

    Thankfully, no autotune here! 2008 has shaped up to be a terrific year for a rock/pop comeback, with Pink leading the charge from the “former R&B singer” department, while Taylor Swift and Sugarland performed a flanking maneuver from the country side of the tracks.

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