Britney Spears – Womanizer

First Hit #1: October 25, 2008

After a surprisingly long time away from the top position, Britney Spears returns, and she’s heard a few Rihanna records. I’m not saying it’s a knockoff of Umbrella, but it does the same tricks, mostly in the playing around with the different syllables of words and using that as its core. It’s not really a successful move in this case, because a chorus that’s just repeating the same word isn’t really all the interesting, and if it succeeds it’s because it’s very fleet of foot. Basically, a fast moving beat can make you forget a lot, and Womanizer rushes forward so fast it’s difficult to catch up with what it’s doing, whether it’s doing it right or wrong. The chorus is about the only place where a listener is kept in a steady place, and that’s entirely because the repetition makes it feel like a placeholder lyric rather than anything interesting or exciting. Womanizer suffers when you catch up with it, and it’s success is largely due to the fact that you rarely do.

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One Response to Britney Spears – Womanizer

  1. musicosity1 says:

    A couple of things going on here. First, the video shows Spears aggressively in control, while real life showed the exact opposite. Spears rebuts gossip about her tenuous mental health with, “Yes, but I am naked and sweaty.” When you can’t defeat the conversation, change it. What doesn’t change is the chorus, which not only hangs out way too long on a single word but also on a single note. Still, the rest of the song is catchy, and we haven’t seen a swing beat in a while. The song isn’t by Max and Dr. Luke, but it sure sounds like it, and we’re getting heavier into another pop era in which the hot girl on the album cover (Spears, Lavigne, Pink, Clarkson, etc.) matters less than the writers and producers.

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