Beyonce – Single Ladies (Put a Ring On It)

First Hit #1: December 13, 2008

Beyonce ends 2008 the way she began 2007, with a repetitive song that has its own sort of weird appeal. Of course, most people are familiar with the first lines and the chorus. The first lines especially if you’ve been to a wedding within the past four years, where it has become a call to the dance floor for the bouquet toss. The chorus is also catchy enough, but it’s just one line.

So it’s interesting that a staple of every wedding dance from the past five years is really a breakup song, all about taunting a man who couldn’t commit by picking up a different, potentially better man at a club. It’s fast paced, but the pace is seemingly meant to disguise the fact that it’s just hand claps and a fairly rote premise. It’s a song that only really works in snippets, a line here or there for a commercial or event and then just throw the rest out, because it quickly becomes less than the sum of its parts.

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One Response to Beyonce – Single Ladies (Put a Ring On It)

  1. musicosity1 says:

    The lyrics put another notch in Beyonce’s “Girl Power” belt. As seen with Britney Spears yesterday, choreography is making a huge comeback in music videos. “Three girls wearing high heels dance in front of a white background” sounds like a video concept from 1981, except that Madonna, Spears, and Paula Abdul are the only other singers between now and then qualified to perform in such a video.

    The song itself is remarkably spare, almost acapella and yet incredibly musical due to its well-constructed melody, all of which makes for a great change of pace. Looking back through the last few weeks of songs here, it would appear that 2008 is my favorite year for #1 hits since the mid 1980s.

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