Lady Gaga – Poker Face

First Hit #1: April 11, 2009

Poker Face is more interesting than the last Gaga single, but it’s still nothing particularly interesting. An extended card-playing metaphor – this was the height of Texas Hold’em mania, if I remember right – some playing around with repeated syllables, Gaga trying out a rap verse on her own, and a chorus that could easily be confused with Christina Aguilera. Gaga, at least at this point, seemed to be trying on different identities rather than forging one of her own, and on this specific song she hot swaps a few within the same song, exploring a few different pop trends within the context. Whether it’s derivative or an artistic statement depends largely on your opinion of the artist herself, but I personally side with the derivative side of the argument myself. She can sell it, of course – eye-catching video, eye-catching personality too – but when I listen to Poker Face I don’t hear much more than a pretty well marketed pop song, but nothing that feels all that new or original. Gaga was chasing fame and fortune, she has never been shy about this – the album was actually called The Fame, after all – but I wish that the music lived up to the outre image she was attempting to project.

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One Response to Lady Gaga – Poker Face

  1. musicosity1 says:

    Re: the playing cards craze, I never understood what it was doing on ESPN, or why it was legal to keep your face covered with hat brim, sunglasses, and hand when the game is mostly about observing how other people’s faces respond to the cards revealed.

    As for Poker Face: Fun melody, EDM stylings. A good example of her robo-Madonna side. I could do without the rap bridge, but without it there are only like six lines in the song, so I understand the need to pad the lyrics out.

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