Ke$ha – Tik Tok

First Hit #1: January 2, 2010

Looking at the list, 2010 looks to be a year of incredibly stupid music, and Tik Tok sets the theme for the year. Ke$ha isn’t shy about what she’s doing, she’s making a song for a profoundly stupid girl’s night out by making a song about a profoundly stupid girl’s night out. It’s soaked in liquor and bad decision making – whether it’s the seemingly random use of autotune or lines about making out with Mick Jagger in 2010 – and that’s kind of the point. It revels in its stupidity, it keeps looking for ways to be even dumber than the lines before, and that kind of sets it apart from very similar stupid, liquor soaked party songs – Ke$ha goes for broke with the premise, leading to a song with lyrics so comprehensively ill-advised you almost have to admire them. That’s connected to a fairly standard dance beat that’s repeatedly interrupted by attempts to just screw with it a little, just enough that you think someone who thinks bad whiskey is a suitable alternative for toothpaste might be behind the controls. It is disaster of a party captured in a pop song, but a disaster of a party frequently seems like a good idea at the time.

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2 Responses to Ke$ha – Tik Tok

  1. musicosity1 says:

    Once in a while, an artist comes along and announces their coming train wreck up-front. Granted, Ke$ha is playing a caricature of “drunk girl at the party,” but does anyone doubt that she chose this shoe because it fits well? Alas, the relentless capitalistic rigors of pop stardom don’t go well with heavy substance abuse. The victims, I mean stars, generally flame out or clean up. So far with Ke$ha, the jury is still out. I’m leaning toward “flame out,” though I’d be happy for her to prove me wrong and go Vegan Straight Edge or something. The song itself is fine, a very Max Martiny piece of clubdom.

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