Taio Cruz feat. Ludacris – Break Your Heart

First Hit #1: March 20, 2010

There is plenty of pop music built around bragging, but it’s much rarer to have a song built around the singer bragging about being kind of an ass. But that’s what we have with Break Your Heart, a celebratory song about someone who is a terrible choice for a life partner. It’s actually really fun, a big celebratory beat under lyrics about breaking hearts, and Cruz and Ludacris are both very charismatic performers (with clean vocals no less), and that charisma is what’s needed to make the song work. They are only going to break your heart, the song is exciting enough that it’s still worth the risk anyway. It’s a fun little song that uses the celebratory music as a counterpoint to the fairly negative and pessimistic vocal, which makes for something that’s a bit of fun and excitement overall.

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One Response to Taio Cruz feat. Ludacris – Break Your Heart

  1. musicosity1 says:

    The confident vocals from both men certainly sell the song. The melody is good; the autotune is simply tolerable. Are the lyrics supposed to be some kind of reverse psychology challenge? Either way, if a song about “I am awesome” is obnoxious, a song about “I will hurt you” doesn’t seem any more attractive.

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