Usher feat. – OMG

First Hit #1: May 15, 2010

Usher is a multi-talented musician who is unable to redeem a thoroughly dull composition. Oh he tries, he puts in a good performance, he even manages to hide the vocal processing somewhat by simply being too good for it – there’s some indication that it’s there, mostly in the opening lines, but his performance just doesn’t allow the pitch correction to do anything drastic. But, no matter what he does, he can’t change the fact that it’s another terrible, lazy beat, and when the perpetrator comes on with his own, largely terrible vocal it cements the deal – Usher is too good for this song, is too big a commercial force so it happened anyway.

It’s not a completely bad idea. As much as I reject it, text speak isn’t going anywhere so the title is in the zeitgeist at least. A beat built around crowd sounds could be great if it was handled by someone who was willing to do more than the most basic version of it possible, and Usher is really one of the better pop singers out there. Unfortunately, it turns out that’s legacy of lazy crap can’t be overcome.


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One Response to Usher feat. – OMG

  1. musicosity1 says:

    The autotune makes Will’s voice bearable while removing all the character from Usher’s voice. Bad trade. And what’s up with the cigars? Did smoking become cool again when I wasn’t looking? Bad for your vocal chords, dude. Aside from the repetitiveness of the lyrics, I wonder what we’re supposed to take away from the fact that “OMG” is short for “Oh my gosh” throughout most, but not all, of the song.

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