Far East Movement feat. The Cateracts, Dev – Like a G6

First Hit #1: October 30, 2010

I said that 2010 would contain some very stupid songs when the year started. There were a few reasons for that, but Like a G6 was the main one, because there are few songs more stupid than Like a G6. I have a weird affection for it, mostly because it’s so enthusiastic about how dumb the whole thing is. There’s the weird made up nonsense that constitutes the lyrics – slizzard, for instance – which mostly can be defined by the fact that everything in the song is about getting very drunk and stupid. Hell, there’s even the debate about what a G6 actually is, which I have jokingly suggested refers to a mildly unsuccessful Pontiac sedan, a dumb lyrical move mostly because it’s name dropping something that doesn’t quite have the name recognition for a proper name drop. It’s a stupid song, basically, but it’s kind of infectiously stupid, so in love with it’s nonsensical party atmosphere that I can’t help but dig it. It’s the musical equivalent of Jalapino popper chips – empty calories, know I shouldn’t eat them, but put some in front of me and I’ll probably finish the bag.

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One Response to Far East Movement feat. The Cateracts, Dev – Like a G6

  1. musicosity1 says:

    Hoo boy. The clubby lyrics are both stupid and repetitive. The melody is both nonexistent and repetitive. Calling the arrangement “rudimentary” would be kind. I thought we’d moved into a better era of the pop charts, but I guess the occasional hiccup is to be expected.

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