Ke$ha – We R Who We R

First Hit #1: November 13, 2010

It’s sometimes a funny thing to read about the inspiration for a pop song. Take this, which Ke$ha says was written after several teen suicides caused by bullying and homophobia. This isn’t the only song of 2010 to start with that as an inspiration to make a song about the greatness of people and try to rally audiences to get together and love themselves. It’s a nice story, but I do wonder how it relates to the song itself, which is a dance track about getting drunk and making bad decisions.

It’s maybe more inspiring than Tik Tok, it does kind of preach a certain pride in the behaviors depicted, but it’s not really pushing the artist in unexplored directions. It’s basically covering the same ground as Tik Tok, it’s about going out, drinking too much, dancing like an idiot, making dumb decisions. All the inspiration in the world can’t hide the fact that Ke$ha has her pet lyrical subjects, all of which are fundamentally connected to mild to severe alcoholism. But I guess her heart is in the right place, if you’re a person who coats themselves in glitter and dances like an idiot after imbibing excessive amounts of alcohol, well I guess you’ve got an anthem now. Let your glitter-soaked freak flag fly. But it’s difficult to pinpoint exactly where the song’s claimed inspiration quite connects with the overall message.

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One Response to Ke$ha – We R Who We R

  1. musicosity1 says:

    Another club anthem; her socially conscious explanation sounds post hoc to me. The Casiotone EDM, autotune, and stutter are not its better features. Actually, I’m trying to think of a good feature. I suppose her rapped verses accurately portray the vapidness of her persona, generating the appropriate level of disdain in the listener? I’m grasping here. The syncopated rhythm of the vocal on the prechorus was done better on Pink’s “Raise Your Glass” that same year.

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