Rihanna – Only Girl in the World

First Hit #1: December 4, 2010

Rihanna’s second chart topper – but first single – of her bright red hair period isn’t all that different from her first one, a forceful come on. Well Drake’s not here, and it moves a bit closer to a house music sound than that first single, but it’s very much a variation on a theme. The differences make it a better song than the previous one, the faster tempo makes it a bit better as dance music, and the lack of Drake is very much welcome. It’s admittedly less distinct, she did something distinct on What’s My Name that she doesn’t bother with here, instead choosing to ride with the big beat and keep anything too unique squarely in the background. But I did have to go back and re-listen to What’s My Name to really get a clear idea of what separates the songs, and it’s a definite case of two songs mining the same material. While I do like both, and they are at least musically distinct while being largely similar from a lyrical perspective, I hope for the sake of the album they were spaced out a bit on that release.

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One Response to Rihanna – Only Girl in the World

  1. musicosity1 says:

    The two songs you mention were indeed separated by a whole two tracks on the “Loud” album, though the beat on one of those two (“Cheers (Drink to That)” sounds like a slowed down version of “What’s My Name.” “Only Girl in the World” is EDM done right. The problem with EDM, as the last five years has shown, is that the perfect dance song is one with very little variation, whereas the Platonically perfect pop song would have all sorts of variation.

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