Pink – Raise Your Glass

First Hit #1: December 11, 2010

The instinct to make a song about inspiring people to embrace their unique qualities and the instinct to make songs about getting very drunk don’t really mesh as well as Pink and Kesha seem to think. Raise Your Glass, and it’s attached video especially, is very focused on providing a bit of inspiration to the downtrodden. You might be bullied and you might not fit in, but you can get very drunk together with Pink. That’s fine I suppose, but is really encouraging copious alcohol consumption kind of a bad idea when you’re dealing with the depressed? The whole message of having fun and enjoying life in spite of whatever difficulties might arise is noble, certainly, but then late in the song is a bit about partying on your own that just strikes me as perhaps less of a solution than it is presented as being. Pink is all about loud music being the solution to everyone’s problems, it’s pretty much how she built her career, but in this case her noble intent is kind of muddied by the need to make a song about parties above all else. Maybe raise fewer glasses, I suppose.

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One Response to Pink – Raise Your Glass

  1. musicosity1 says:

    Just as N’Sync’s “Pop” seemed overly defensive about the band’s enjoyment of frothy music, Pink feels the need to rise to the defense of people who have nothing better to do than get drunk and dance all night. (Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believing” is really about the same thing.) That group doesn’t strike me as one that was particularly vulnerable to societal pressure, as if ugly looks would cause them to go out and join the Peace Corps. But whatever; it’s a better party song than Kesha’s, especially since Pink tends to sing it suspended from a trapeze. Who would have picked this former R&Ber to turn into the standard bearer for guitar rock in the 2010s?

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