Bruno Mars – Grenade

First Hit #1: January 8, 2011

Bruno Mars has a pretty great voice, and Grenade also has a pretty great arrangement, heavy percussion and an odd electric piano together making a song that actually sounds surprisingly tough and has a certain kind of ominous ambition. If the song was in a foreign language, I expect I’d love it, but the lyrics are kind of, well, whiny. It’s attempting to be this kind of unrequited love thing, as Mars illustrates his lunatic devotion that isn’t reciprocated, and it even kind of works in the chorus if you don’t pay much attention to the verses. But as the song plays on, after he expresses his willingness to die for the object of his affection, I keep thinking that the next line needs to come from a female voice, just saying “why?”

Maybe that’s deliberate, maybe the character is supposed to be kind of pathetic and more than a little dumb, but I found myself annoyed with the lyrics as much as I was enjoying the song itself. I really like everything he does outside of the lyrics, and it’s great to hear a song that sounds like this getting airplay after the… unpleasantness of say, 2009. Does Mars sing a version in Cantonese?

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One Response to Bruno Mars – Grenade

  1. musicosity1 says:

    Unrequited love can be pretty insane; as Joan Jett sang, “I hate myself for loving you.”

    I like “Grenade” a lot musically, but as with “Firework” I also can’t listen to it without thinking of the song from which it’s borrowing: In this case, Brian Transeau’s EDM hit “Somnambulist” (, from which the “yeah, yeahs” are lifted verbatim. BT doesn’t have Mars’ sweet 80s soul voice, but he did make a cooler song, even without the Guiness Book-listed (for real) stutter effect.

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