Lady Gaga – Born This Way

First Hit #1: February 26, 2011

Now Lady Gaga takes a crack at the inspirational, love yourself single. Because it’s Lady Gaga, it received an ambitious and bizarre video, which comes complete with an overly long bit of storytelling at the beginning of it. In fact, it takes almost three minutes of this nonsense to get to the actual song, which is a crime only because once you get to the song it has nothing to do with the intro.

Of course, listen to the track and you discard the video’s nonsense and get right into the song itself, which is just some Madonna-influenced pop music. It does a lot of things right, even if one could fairly accuse it of being Express Yourself in a slightly pretentious hat. It’s catchy, it’s not about partying but everyone being great, it’s got a pretty great beat and its heart is in the right place. It does feel quite calculated, a deliberate attempt to get a song in every drag show in the country, but everything Gaga does feels calculated. At least, in this case, all that precision marketing leads to a song that has its heart in the right place.

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One Response to Lady Gaga – Born This Way

  1. musicosity1 says:

    Gaga’s last number one to date is fine; musically, an elaboration on “Express Yourself;” lyrically, another “special snowflake” elaboration on Pink’s “F’in Perfect” and Aguilera’s “Beautiful” and Perry’s “Firework.” God gets dragged into the discussion this time, on the dubious notion that He enjoys things never improving. Gaga does have real talent and a commitment to versatility (Tony Bennett duet album! Muppets special!), but her style is the real selling point. Given that, naturally, there was a Weird Al parody version:

    I wish we had gotten to discuss “Bad Romance” instead, since it’s a much hookier song, but it only went to #2. Maybe next month after you finish all the #1 songs, you’ll go back to the beginning and look at songs that made it to #2 but not #1? I wonder how the number of those compares to the number of #1 songs.

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