Bruno Mars – Locked Out of Heaven

First Hit #1: December 22, 2012

Bruno Mars’ career began writing songs for other people, and Locked Out of Heaven sounds like a song for someone else. Specifically, it sounds like it was written for Sting, possibly for a reunion of the Police. This isn’t that there’s anything wrong with being influenced by an earlier artist, especially one that’s influential and had a distinctive sound, but I had to double check the writing credits to ensure it wasn’t a cover and wasn’t initially intended for Sting in any capacity. In the case of Mars’ overall career, since he is a songwriter it’s actually an asset that he can successfully mimic other artists in musical style and presentation, and this would be an alright song as new material for a Sting album – it would certainly be the most energetic and exciting thing he has released in years. But as a Bruno Mars song, his own identity is completely lost in the song, and while it’s not entirely necessary that an artist has a complete identity, it’s odd that one who writes most of his own material is less identifiable than many who don’t. Were I hearing this on the radio instead of on a program that lists artist names, I probably wouldn’t know who it actually was.

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One Response to Bruno Mars – Locked Out of Heaven

  1. musicosity1 says:

    Yeah, looks like Gotye wasn’t the only one who decided it was time for a post-punk pop revival. It’s more a Thirty Years later role than the previous 20, but still the same basic idea, mixed with an EDM chorus. The lyrics borrow religious imagery in service of another iteration on an old theme entitled “Me so horny.”

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