Pink feat. Nate Ruess – Just Give Me A Reason

First Hit #1: April 27, 2013

Breakups have been a big part of the charts, so clearly we need to see our pop artists going to couple’s therapy. Thus, here we have Pink and Nate Ruess – he of fun. – with a duet about two sides of a relationship trying to work out their problems. It both is and is not a departure for Pink. On one hand, she does this song as couple’s therapy thing a lot, and has had hits from that material. On the other hand, the song isn’t at all the energetic pop-punk on which she has built a career – it’s a piano ballad and duet. She’s so comfortable doing a ballad that it’s a wonder she doesn’t do it more, and Ruess is a great duet partner since their voices are not even a bit similar but work together extremely well. I kind of wish she would have done what Bruno Mars did earlier and just kept the arrangement spare – it was a disappointment when the song became a bit more typical of pop ballads from the era – but it’s still an appealing ballad from someone who really isn’t known for that kind of music.

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One Response to Pink feat. Nate Ruess – Just Give Me A Reason

  1. musicosity1 says:

    “We’re not broken, just bent” is a great line and theme. I love both of them as both singers and pop personalities, which makes it hard for me to objectively assess the underlying song. It’s got the Lionel Richie piano vibe, but then it switches into fun.’s “anthemic big drums” and stays there for the most part. Yeah, I think I love the whole thing, but I wouldn’t be sad to hear a stripped arrangement either. I was, however, slightly peeved that on her “Live from Melbourne” concert DVD, this song was billed as “featuring Nate Ruess,” which turned out to mean that she sang with a recording of him on the video screen. Please. Use a live duet partner, or failing that, don’t tout the presence of a prerecorded track. (That DVD was full of prerecorded Pink vocal tracks as well, but I forgive her those since she was lip-synching while bungeeing around the stage like Cirque du Soleil.)

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