Everyone complains about modern music, everyone goes on about how the hits of yesterday are far superior to everything on the radio now. But is this true? Join me, some guy you don’t know, on a trip down the history of the Billboard charts, and we revisit the charts of the past and learn how on earth we went from Bing Crosby to Ke$ha.


3 Responses to About

  1. Rick says:

    Oh my! I found this site today I love it, I’m only 22 but I adore 40’s and 50’s music, there’s some magic in those really old hits. greetings.

  2. Hi Devin, I just found this blog and I must say it’s Amazing!! it’s great someone is reviewing all the #1 hits since “I’ll Never Smile Again”. whoa!

    I’m starting to read through all that! XD

    Hey I recently posted the #1 hits of 1950-1954 most played by jockeys & jukeboxes on Wikipedia, are you going to review only the best sellers in stores, since the three charts according to Joel Whitburn were equally in importance, just curious about this. 🙂


    • Devin says:

      I’m going to keep with top sellers just because there’s a lot of overlap between the three charts – though naturally in some years like 1956 there are some pretty big diversions between the two – and I want to keep it pretty consistent. I’ve considered going back and hitting the things I’ve missed, but just focusing on one list is actually pretty time consuming on its own.

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